Working with...


The Process...


It normally starts with a phone call or an email. Getting in touch is the first step, from there we're basically pals discussing our dream film.

We'll talk about the duration of your film, the filming locations, the music, the size of the team we need to put together, timescales and of course costs.


Showtime. This part can involve just a single camera operator (a lean, cost effective operation - our most popular) or an entire team with make-up, drones, green screen, actors, the list goes on. 

It's arguably the most precious part of the production, most of the time you'll want to attend this. But if you decide not to don't worry, we've got it covered for you.



This is where the real construction begins. Putting together the first cut of your project, adding graphics and animation, making music choices.

This will normally take place in the edit suite but we can pack up and bring this to you if need be. Everything's getting smaller these days after all.