3 steps to your video production...  

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It starts with a phone call, an email, or a even chat over coffee. Getting in touch is the first step; from there on in we’ll work shoulder to shoulder to bring your vision kicking and screaming into existence

Starting with the duration of your film, music tastes, the right locations, the size of the team we need to put together, timescales and of course costs.

filming process cameraman media production brighton


Showtime. This part can involve just a single camera operator (a lean, cost effective operation) or an entire team with make-up, drones, green screen, actors, the list goes on... 

One of the advantages of the way I work is that I will assemble all the elements you need for your specific production - fitting precisely to your brief and budget, nothing missing and nothing extraneous.


post production video editing animation brighton


This is where the real construction begins. Your video production is expertly assembled and spiced with sound effects, animations, music and graphics to produce your vision in finished film format. 

This process will normally take place in our Brighton edit suite, but this can also be done on clients premises. Everything's getting smaller these days after all.


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